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Woo Hoooo! We are STEAMing ahead!

On Tuesday 24 November, the Hon. Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria along with the Hon. James Merlino MP, Minister for Education and local member for Northcote, Kat Theophanous made an announcement at Thornbury High School: $3 billion in funding for 200 state schools... and Thornbury High School is to recieve $14.9 million of that funding for our Stage Two project of a new STEAM centre! This came as quite a shock to Principal Michael Keenan, who is obviously delighted by the announcement, as are all of us here at THS Redevelopment Group central.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Kat Theophanous, who has worked really hard to advocate for this funding. She has been consistently and actively working with the school, the Redevelopment Group and the State Government to bring about this great result. THANK YOU to Kat and the State Government for responding to our need for some infrastructure improvements. Many of the current students and many students to come will benefit from this decision and we couldn't be more excited.

Woo Hoo indeed!

Stay tuned for updates on how it will all proceed, but Kat has said an architect will be appointed in January, so the project will be kicking along in no time.

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