The school would love it if you could spend five minutes to support our Masterplan funding submission by writing to the Member for Northcote, Kat Theophanous MLA. To make it quick and easy we have put together a letter you can send to Kat, thanking her for her recent support for the school’s Masterplan funding submission.

  • Cut and paste Kat’s email address Kat.Theophanous@parliament.vic.gov.au into your email 'TO' box.

  • Cut and paste the suggested letter text (we’ve created a letter for you below) into the message window.

  • You can make changes to the letter if you want but whatever changes you make please remember to keep the letter POSITIVE in tone.

  • Delete whatever does not apply to you at the beginning of the letter: “As a parent / future parent / friend of Thornbury High School”

  • Don’t forget to include your name and suburb at the end.




Ms Kat Theophanous MLA

Member for Northcote

Dear Kat

As a parent / future parent / friend of Thornbury High School I would like to thank you for the support you have shown the Thornbury High Community regarding its recent facilities masterplan funding submission to the Victorian Government.

If successful, this funding will provide Thornbury High students with a campus that’s fit for purpose for 21st century education. The masterplan will result in a hugely exciting future for Thornbury High including a brand-new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) centre; new learning centres for Junior, Middle and Senior schools plus a much-needed overhaul of the school’s administration facilities and public entrance.

These facilities will make a significant difference to the future of our children and the wellbeing of the surrounding community – schools are indeed the hearts of our communities.

I know you are highly committed to the success of all the schools in your electorate and greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure the Thornbury High masterplan is fully funded in this term of government.

Thanks, and all the best.


[Insert name and suburb]