Many politicians are active on social media and you can also help mobilise the local community by promoting the campaign, and this website, among your friends and followers.

Topics to post about include:


  1. Let Kat Theophanous (ALP), Minister for Education James Merlino and your local Member know that they need to publicly state their support for funding Stage 2 (STEAM Centre, new outdoor recreation spaces, new entrance and administration wing, and refurbishment of remaining learning spaces) and encourage their Victorian state colleagues to publicly commit to funding stage 2.

  2. Remind the Victorian Minister for Education (James Merlino) and the member for Northcote (Kat Theophanous) that, while we have made a great start, we need to "finish the job" which means committing to funding Stage 2 (STEAM Centre, new outdoor recreation spaces, new entrance and administration wing, and refurbishment of remaining learning spaces) of the redevelopment (which we currently estimate will be in excess of $25 million).

  3. Any of the compelling reasons for redeveloping the school which are outlined under 'Why Develop Thornbury High School' on The Campaign page of this website.

  4. Any of the benefits that will  result from the redevelopment project - see 'The Benefits' section on the homepage. 

Tagging, hashtags, links, sharing and likes.

When posting on social media make sure you tag the Minister for Education, the state member for Northcote, your own local member and the member for the Federal seat of Cooper:

  • Minister for Education – James Merlino @JamesMerlinoMP

  • ALP member for Northcote – Kat Theophanous @katfornorthcote

  • ALP member for Cooper – Ged Kearney @gedKearney

  • your local state member

You can also use the hashtags #OurSchoolOurCommunity, #SpringSt, #thsredevelopment and #ProjectTHS to make your posts easier to find by our supporters and online community.

Try to include the link to this website in your posts: www.thornburyhighschool.wixsite.com/thsredevelopment

The THS Redevelopment Group are also aligned with a new group called NESSA (Northcote Electorate State Schools Alliance) which has been formed by a group of parents representing all the state schools in our electorate. The NESSA aim is to effectively lobby the state government for transparency and fairer funding for all state schools in our electorate, rather than fighting each other for what funding is available. Following, liking and sharing NESSA social media is also helping the push for THS funding. Find out more here.


Some ideas for posts you could use. Just cut and paste the content, change the text to suit your story, add a photo from your library and post!



Make sure you also like and share posts on the THS Redevelopment Facebook page, found here.

AND the NESSA Facebook page, found here.

sample posts_fb.jpg

Today my son read me a story he wrote in his English class. He’s never done that before. It was a pretty funny story (and he knew it!). Hope the next government gets real about rebuilding Thornbury High after this election.

@JamesMerlinoMP  @lidiathorpe @gedKearney @katfornorthcote https://bit.ly/2oe3IZB

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Year 7 Thornbury High kids did an amazing job at the first music concert tonight – most had never played an instrument before Year 7 (first year’s instrument hire free at THS!). Can’t wait until the School’s new performing arts centre and the other new buildings are finished.

@JamesMerlinoMP  @lidiathorpe @gedKearney @katfornorthcote https://bit.ly/2oe3IZB

sample posts_fb4.jpg

My eleven-year-old currently checking out the ATARS for Engineering at Melbourne Uni – she’s a proud nerd like her mum. Hope Thornbury High gets funded for that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics building at this election.

@JamesMerlinoMP  @lidiathorpe @gedKearney @katfornorthcote https://bit.ly/2oe3IZB

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Congrats to the Thornbury High U 14 boys 4 x 100m relay team on making it to the State finals. The boys were thrilled to be at Lakeside Stadium ...  amazing what a bit of success does for their confidence. Can’t wait until the School’s  new gym is finished. Hope government funds the other new buildings in the plans.

@JamesMerlinoMP  @lidiathorpe @gedKearney @katfornorthcote https://bit.ly/2oe3IZB

Fantastic story on Alzheimer’s breakthrough in The Age today and the research team were all from Melbourne. Son says he wants to study medicine now ‘cause his grandpa has dementia’. Hope government greenlights the new STEAM building at Thornbury High.

@JamesMerlinoMP  @lidiathorpe @gedKearney @katfornorthcote https://bit.ly/2oe3IZB